Partnership with Noeon, Research and Transition to English
Last eight months forced us to make important decisions about our future. Now we can say that the world we lived in at the beginning of this year is gone forever. So we are glad to announce what's next with Kite:Project.
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    Team Development Framework
    We continue to work on Team Development Framework, nothing changed here except that we abandoned the Russian version. We are doing our research on how to facilitate teammates' changes and how to build a great business team. Currently, we are working on visual representation in Miro-Board and compiling the TDF Guide.
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    Transition to English
    Our market dramatically shrunk because some companies left Russia, working with others became ethically unacceptable, and the rest really should focus on survival, not on development. We are not ready to go international, but when would we be?
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    Partnership with Noeon Research
    We established a partnership with our long-time client Noeon Research to help build a great company in Japan. So our interests in the near future will be connected with machine learning, knowledge graphs, computer science, universities, research, and investements. Noeon's goal is to build a technology for IT engineers' labour automatisation. This goal is really big, but shouldn't a respectable startup set up ambitious goals?