Noeon Research Grants
About us
Noeon Research is a company that conducts research on problems of interpretable AI, knowledge representation and semantics processing, as well as hierarchical action spaces.
Grant Topics
  • Overcoming limitations of Knowledge Graphs
  • Transformation of descriptive knowledge into procedural knowledge
  • Transparency of automated reasoning
Feel free to propose your topic if you feel that it aligns with our line of research. You can find more details here.
How to Apply
Write to us
Write to us about your background, chosen topic, what people you want on your team, and how you plan to distribute funds. You can keep it simple.
Include links
Feel free to include links to related articles or other materials.
Wait for result
We will contact you within a week to discuss further details.
Who Can Apply
We welcome both researchers who work in academic organizations and individual researchers.
We work worldwide.
Noeon Research signs the contract with the grantee or grantee's organization according to the Japanese law.

Grantees can use the funding for salaries, business trips, renting computational powers etc.

Up to 10% of the grant could be used to cover indirect costs to those who work for academic organizations.

Minimal amount of money per grant is $50k, and there is no top limit.
Results and Intelectual Property
  • Result Presentation
    Grant results are presented in a report with appendices that could consist of source code, datasets, diagrams etc.
  • English Only
    All communications and results must be in English.
  • Non-exclusive license
    Noeon Research acquires a non-exclusive license to exploit, modify and further develop all outputs from the research project without any limitations.
  • Funding Information
    If you publish results in an article, you must mention that the results were obtained in a Noeon's funded research.
Deadlines and Competition
  • We have no deadlines or competition among participants.
  • We are not looking for a complete application, but instead for a dialogue on how both Noeon and you could benefit from this work.
If you are interested in collaborating with us on a permanent basis, please contact us
Ark Mori Building, 1-12-32 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan